Installation Instructions

  1. Remove current saddle
  2. Using the existing post and mounting apparatus, attach your new MoonSaddle™.
  3. To fit MoonSaddle to your seatpost, rotate the points of the “Moon” upward and to the rear, where the saddle sits about 20-30 degrees from horizontal. This adjustment presents the two horns to the sits bones in optimal comfort. Note that MoonSaddles mount to most all bicycle posts and use the international industry standard for rail spacing. Exercise bikes may need different mounting hardware.

Tips for Using the Moonsaddle

​In order to safely accommodate the human anatomy, the MoonSaddle design offers a perpendicular seat to the bike’s frame rather than the harmful parallel axis of traditional saddles. Since the mounting angle is 20 to 30 degrees from level, some riders have difficulty swinging their legs over the ears of their MoonSaddleTM. So, we find it easier to mount our bicycle by simply:

  1. Holding the handlebars in both hands,
  2. Tilting the bicycle toward us at about a 45 degree angle, and
  3. Stepping across our bicycle while bringing it to an upright position.

The rest will come naturally as you comfortably ride away while being kind to your body.